Corporate Profile

Saniers is a company located within the electromedical sector. Its objective is the investigation and research of electronic devices that are able to greatly alleviate the problems of infections caused by pathogens in food and objects that are or have been in contact with contaminated water, especially vegetables, fruits, vegetables and prenatal use utensils such as bottles, pacifiers, etc.. Develops equipment for disinfection sophisticated, revolutionary and effective from oxygen enriched aimed at solving the problems from infections caused by man, mainly resulting from waterborne diseases.

The Company is a Public Limited Company, incorporated in England and Wales on the 4th of January 2013 with registered number 8346932.
Registered Office: 140 Blundell Road, Luton LU3 1SP, United Kingdom
Director’s Office: 24-11B, Avenida Central, Baranain, Navarra, Spain

Jose Javier Diaz de San Martin
Victor Remiro Cordero

Issued Shares
48,268,258 shares @ EUR 1.00 per shares. 
(The above details are correct as at 17 of January 2013)

Share Information
The ordinary shares (ISIN: GB00B8KHPY59) the company has applied for admission to trading on the GXG Markets A/S in London and it is awaiting for the issuance of its trading symbol.