Based on the technique of ozonization, it comprehensively meets the set target, disinfection, almost until sterilization.
As the certification of the Public University of Navarra, through its Microbiology Department concludes, it is highly effective in the spectrum of antimicrobial activity, both with bacteria as well as against fungi, yeast, viral particles, and even against spores, standing well above those set by the AFNOR agency (Rules and regulations on antiseptics and disinfectants)
It has and is protected with the recognition of intellectual property rights by its International Invention Patent, currently boasting exclusive marketing rights in Germany, UK, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey, although based on this, it can market its equipment in every country in the world.
Its efficient system is based on equipment whose electronic disinfection is carried out exclusively through cold water, no additives or chemicals added, or dangerous rising water temperatures, achieving its goal comfortably, simply and safely.
Simply fill the water container to the height defined by product or object to be disinfected and in short time, (10 or 20 seconds is more than enough), the disinfection is finished, simply by programming the equipment to the scheduled time, or immediately by pressing the switch indicated for this purpose.
The equipment has three distinct parts in its development, the module where it has the ozone generator, transforming using oxygen, a container for objects with a lid with an adjustable opening, and a control system based on a microprocessor, described in the Saniers OZZO presentation file.
The operating of the electronic system to carry out advanced programmed disinfection is performed by a control system based on a microprocessor provided with an analog / digital converter, a system that projects activated oxygen through multiple outputs and specifically aimed at the product or object to be disinfected, as well as monitoring the generator’s correct operation, it constantly advises the status the disinfection process is in, completing it with a light and sound signal which alerts the user of its finish. This means the user is totally free and does not have to be physically present during that cycle, if he does not wish to be, The process can also be performed manually.
Highly technically developed equipment with technologically innovative features within the Patent Invention, both in the complex technique used, as well as in the complementary modular technology system provided.
It can be moved easily, as the safety systems developed for this equipment ensure this and it can be used in different locations if necessary, a handle to facilitate handling and movement is provided for this purpose, together with automatic disconnection when the unit is not properly installed and closed.
It also has, as can be seen in the specifications for the patent invention, countless advances and developments in all the equipment’s components, besides those in the actual disinfection system (Lid with adjustable opening, systems for transmission conduction, drive, dissemination, exits from inside the container, guiding system with assisted
Regulation, control systems to manage the equipment, etc.etc.)
Its low power consumption whilst operating is about the same as a quarter of that used by a light bulb, and it only uses domestic tap water for operation
It disinfects items well for the nursing period, as well as vegetables and fruits; the system performs in a natural way, breathing out a clean smell from the activation of oxygen, which bodes well with the consumer, who is very concerned about the use chemicals, health aggressors and the environment.
Its design allows, the disinfection of articles used for feeding babies or for vegetables and garden produce to be carried out with the same equipment because it is composed mainly of two parts, one that actually performs the disinfection, the heart of the equipment, and another, provides a container for introducing the objects, or where appropriate, vegetables, which are set between the two, thanks to a system developed and provided within the Patent.
The only difference between the two devices, lies in the container, both being perfectly adapted to the equipment that carries out the disinfection.
The user, who either chooses to disinfect baby equipment or, vegetables, will only need to purchase another container to have all the applications.


It aims to offer consumers a unique product for domestic disinfection in all aspects, a real solution to the health problems associated with water-borne diseases, both for infants as well as for the general population.
Health and well-being are things that are more and more valued by today's society, closely linked to progress, and that affect our way of life.
Even though we are still immersed in a global economic crisis, the market trend, mainly in developed countries, is for a demand for products that make a difference to health, being thought of more as an investment than an expense, therefore, even though there are more sectors in crisis every day, businesses and products are emerging which offer a natural alternative and proven efficiency, as well as a scientific breakthrough.



We consider that the Saniers disinfecting equipment offers consumers an unique article, able to provide, a technologically advanced, attractive, environmentally friendly product, beneficial in preventing waterborne disease poisoning, both for children and for adults, effectively and without side effects.
Saniers offers an important alternative to all consumers, especially for parents who every day are more concerned and aware about their children’s health, who can use a safe equipment with no side effects for their babies, who are always more likely to catch any gastrointestinal disease than older people, preventing common poisonings during this stage of life.
One of the major concerns of the current population, is the vast increase in poisoning epidemics due to eating vegetables; it is also true that there are no acceptable alternatives to combat this major problem, which is why Saniers can offer what the consumer has long been waiting for, its patented disinfecting equipment with an internationally recognized guarantee of effectiveness. 
The few products on the market do not meet consumer needs, on the one hand they are unhealthy (chlorine and derivatives), so they are only used for the disinfection of bottles and teats (with great ignorance from the User about its contraindications and side effects, as they are not aware of the origin of the active principle of disinfection used in some systems), which are in total decline due to the rejection they have generated in developed countries. In terms of food applications, they are rarely used, since in this case the consumer does know about the product he is using, and rejects it for the reasons stated.
Chlorine derivatives, in addition to all previously stated on their adverse health effects, have the drawback of giving unpleasant odors and flavors.
Our Saniers system, gives vegetable type foods, as well as the proven effectiveness for its high disinfecting, an organoleptic improvement of the food treated, both in terms of odor and flavor, which are removed, as well as in their texture, which is fresher and smoother due to the free oxygen’s action, making them more pleasant to eat.